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20 years of professionalism and experience have made M3Studio a leader in the production of images for art foundations, galleries and museums, becoming the largest photographic studio in this field in Italy.

Gioielli M3STUDIO 009

Our expertise in the world of jewelry and luxury goods dates back decades. Not simple still-life, but shots that seem to come to life and bring real emotions.


We take care of the photographic and video documentation of the installations for many important galleries and museums. Working with the utmost attention to the total correspondence of the works in each one of the overall views.


Available throughout Italy for shootings of vintage cars and motorbikes in the most characteristic locations suitable for the best aesthetic balance. The services are accompanied by technical images and details.

Architettura M3STUDIO 016

All our experience in transposing an architectural space or a finely decorated environment into photography.


Elegant still-life pictures capable of making the difference in terms of impressions, views and purchase conversions.


Discover all our advertising shots, from watches to fashion accessories, from design to fine wines.


We support the customer at every stage of video production and post-production, aiming to create videos that are effective, strategic and exciting at the same time.


For some of our clients we take care of creating the images of entire printed catalogues, whether they are lots on sale for renowned international auction houses, or publications in prestigious art magazines.

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